Ekidnaworld was a safe, fun virtual world for kids, where you could buy items, clothes, chat to friends, make buddies and so much more!

Ekidnaworld closed down in November 2011 due to lack of players and money.


Ekidnaworld was founded by an australian mother of two 5 years ago. The founder could not find a safe enough virtual world for her two 7 & 10 year old daughters.

Ekidnaworld was one of the safest yet allowing virtual worlds around - parents could choose to require a password for their child to add a new buddy, or they could choose to only see and talk to buddies on their buddy list.

Apart from being Australian themed, Ekidnaworld stood out from other virtual worlds in one particular way: It had no adverts. Ekidnaworld survived purely by the money that us players donated when we chose to become paying members.

Unfortuantly, this was obviously not enough funding, and Ekidnaworld closed its doors in November 2011. It is greatly missed.