Ekidnaworld had a levelling system, much like other levelling systems on other virtual worlds. To level up, you had to earn XP by playing games and challengers scattered around the Ekidna land.

The Levelling system was introduced just 5 months before the site's closure.

Reaching a new LevelEdit

To reach a new level, you had to earn XP by playing mini games and challenges scattered around When you reach a new level, you need to recieve more XP than before to reach the next one.

Level limitsEdit

It was unknown weather there are levelling limits in Ekidnaworld. Tonic had the highest level in all of Ekidnaworld (Level 30-50)


The levelling system recieved quite a few negative votes, mainly from players who were new or that didnt log on much. They said that "The levels make the game unfair. Ekidnaworld was one of the last games standing where you were judged by anything. Now people judge you on your level, and it is harder to make friends." Despite this, there have been no technical or serious problems with the levelling system.