The city

The city was the main meeting point of Ekidna where everyone stopped to chill! When you first logged on, this is the first place you would have ended up.

Mini GamesEdit

There is one mini game in the city called 'Cafe Chaos' where you have to serve all the Ekidnas before the time is up. You can get to this mini game by clicking on the entrance of the big Cafe Building.


The city contains the furniture shop, in which members can buy all sorts of furniture and games for their Ekidna house. This shop is located next to the Cafe.

Other highlightsEdit


The city is also home to the Ekidna news. Ekidna News is published every month and contains all the latest news from Ekidna, from carnivals to new items to your news! They've got it all!


Goanna's is a green Ekidna who stands next to the bench on the left hand side of The City. When clicking on her, you can take the quiz or view the answers to last week's quiz. When completing a quiz, you recieve coins and xp.

Seasonal CelebrationsEdit

The city nearly always gets decorated for an occasion. Currently, it is decorated for 'Carnival Galore', as the picture above shows.